New Year; New Uncle Val!
JK same Uncle Val.

But new videos!

Uncle Val takes you on a fantastic paper crafts voyage. Sounds lame but is actually cool. Just watch the video!

The Uncle Val Origin Story

In January 2017, we welcomed my first nephew into the world and Uncle Val was (also) born. (I didn't like the sound of Aunt Val--what can I say?) Many months later, regular Val challenged Uncle Val to start making videos to 1. face and conquer her aversion to making videos, and 2. share some concepts she believes in to a broader audience in a non-written format so no one had to tax themselves with actually reading.

In December 2017, Uncle Val started making videos to help herself and others not succumb to the many dreadful behavioral patterns and obligations of the holiday season. As you may derive from the hashtags #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal, Uncle Val is not a huge fan of the holidays. Together we laughed, we cried and we lamented Uncle Val's first case of tonsillitis, all while acquiring helpful tips to make holiday time more bearable, productive and fun.

Anyway, the holidays are (thankfully) behind us but the videos continue. Check back here for the latest (I will no longer be posting them on facebook because 1. F facebook and 2. see #1. If there are specific topics you'd like to see covered, send Uncle Val a little message.

Surprise! Uncle Val loves #ValentinesDay! Watch to find out why! #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal #jk #LovingtheHolidays
Uncle Val reveals what she got for Christmas this year and her 7 best ides for things to do in that heinous period between Xmas and New Year's so you can skip the "falling into old habits and making terrible decisions" part of the holidays. #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal
Join Uncle Val to explore what makes the holidays truly miserable (hint: it's "other people," or more accurately, the wrong people). Purge your life of all those fake friends ahead of the holidays and in time to have a baller coming year. #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal
Learn how to make a Countdown Calendar (or whatever you want to call it) so you can survive the loss of daylight with everyone's favorite holiday-hating uncle, Uncle Val. #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal
Let Uncle Val teach you how to "have a productive and still-fun holiday, without all the bullshit!" Step one: permission to dislike the holidays (Uncle Val's gift to you). #HatingtheHolidays #withUncleVal