WHAT is it?

Picture this scenario. You get:

A) A random idea you think is cool but don't have enough bandwidth to actually make happen, or
B) A random idea you aren't that interested in doing yourself but still believe is a good/funny/useful idea

What to do with this little idea nugget? Why, put it in an Idea Graveyard, of course!


The Idea Graveyard is an organizational, collaboration and idea-brainstorming and sharing tool. Each dumb/funny/good/entertaining (or all of the above) idea gets written down on a tombstone and just lives there. Other folks can walk by and look at the ideas and take one and run with it, or can just drop by for a chuckle. Or perhaps one of your ideas will spark a different idea in them. 

You can also just keep a repository of a bunch of ideas for yourself and go back through it every so often for renewed inspiration. 

The point is to encourage and facilitate creating ideas without the weight of expectation and judgement.

Downloadable & printable template coming soon :)

Questions/comments? Write me.