BREAKING: Valbrains' book of illustrated spells, Hexes for the Modern Age, makes an excellent gift.

It's a light gift/humor read but also a cultural mirror and snapshot of the moment we find ourselves in.
Available to order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and possibly at your local bookseller! And yes, those are my actual teeth.

About the book:
Let’s face it: most people irritate us. Hexes for the Modern Age is a tongue-in-cheek approach to giving these folks a taste of their own medicine. While inspired by witches’ curses of the past, this is a gift book of 120 funny spells specific to the smartphone-obsessed, overworked, hipster-drenched reality of the present day.

Organized by category―love, work, roommates, traffic, pets, weddings, and so on―each hex is accompanied by an irreverent, Demetri Martin–type line drawing.


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