Author - Illustrator - Humorist

If you're looking for more of the same old shit, please make a U-turn.

I am fun and irreverent, and my writing/illustration/humor is to match. I have a deep dissatisfaction with imagery that all looks the same and refuse to be complicit in producing of more of it. If you're looking for something made with style and wit, let's talk.


I am an author/illustrator, entrepreneur and ex-Soviet spy (relax, NSA, it's just a joke). I believe in self-expression, efficiency, kindness and having actual fun while making great work (not mutually exclusive). I am endlessly curious and love to connect seemingly disparate concepts and people.

Both the pictures and words parts of my brain are fully functional. For pictures, just poke around on this website. For words, I write mostly on work culture and sustaining a creative life. You can read/share/comment on/print and light on fire the latest here. 


  • When I was 26, I started PVD Pops (popsicles on a giant bicycle) so I could learn firsthand how to start and run a business. It was a wild ride.
  • I am culturally ambiguous but my true provenance is Kiev, Ukraine. Yes, I speak Russian. No, I will not teach you all the bad words.
  • I am a dog person, and like dogs, enjoy sports containing balls and plastic discs.


I love to share laughs, inspiration and insights with audiences of all kinds.

Speaking topics:

  • (NEW) Grow a Pair of LadyBalls in 2016 (a women's confidence workshop)
  • Novelty in the Workplace (how to keep things new when they are technically the same)
  • Better Faster: Systems for Ideation & Creative Thinking
  • Play as a Productivity Tool

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We explore why Europeans have #AllTheBidets and all the things women have to think about before a simple date.

Play is anything you do just for the fun of it, without expectations for success or reward. And it's a tool for being happier and more productive at work, at home and everywhere in between.